What Baby Sleep Deprivation Signs to Watch Out For

Over the last 20 years, I have worked closely with so many parents whose babies were having difficulty sleeping at night. During this period, I have identified more than six common baby sleep problems and misunderstandings that most parents often make without even realizing it.

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Baby sleep problem: 7 parent mistakes

The first mistake parents frequently make is not waking up their baby in natural waking time. Babies wake at different times based on the type of sleep they are experiencing. For instance, if they are feeling drowsy or sleepy through the day, then they need to be woken up at a reasonable hour in the morning. Otherwise, their sleeping cycle could become disrupted, resulting in poor sleep hygiene and inability to sleep through the night.

Another mistake that many mothers make is to give their child too much food and to allow them to eat more than is necessary. It is true that babies eat when they are hungry and they usually need to eat twice a day. However, too much eating and overeating may result in obesity and even obesity in toddlers. You should give your baby enough nutritious food, but don’t let him eat beyond his mealtime.

The second mistake that most parents make is not keeping their baby entertained when they are sleeping in the parent’s room. Babies need a lot of stimulation just like humans do, especially at night, so you must keep a few toys and books close by. You may also consider placing a soft surface with blankets on top to create a calming environment.

Another mistake that most parents mistake for being asleep is leaving their baby alone in their room for an extended period of time. This can result in irritability and other behavioral problems such as being restless and waking up several times during the night. If you find your baby is fussing and sleeping more than usual, make sure to take him back to his parents’ room for a nap.

The third mistake that most parents mistake for sleep deprivation is not feeding their baby enough during the night. A well-balanced diet full of milk, cereals and formula will help your baby sleep peacefully. If your baby has any allergies or is suffering from any medical condition, ask your pediatrician about a healthy baby diet.

The fourth mistake that most parents mistake for their baby’s lack of sleep is allowing them to drink plenty of liquids before bedtime. Many infants who are bottle feed usually drink more water than other babies during the night because they are not getting a sufficient amount of liquids during the daytime. This problem can also cause discomfort for their digestive system and upset their sleeping cycle. Some infants will also tend to drool more during the night because they haven’t had enough fluids.

The fifth mistake that most parents mistake for their baby’s lack of sleep is allowing their baby to lie down to sleep when he or she is uncomfortable. Sleeping babies will get more rest if they are comfortable and not in a position that is uncomfortable. If your baby doesn’t feel secure in his or her crib, try to encourage him or her to roll on his or her stomach or even on the floor, as babies tend to sleep better when they are not feeling like they are being kept on their backs.

The sixth mistake that most parents mistake as their baby being deprived of sleep is allowing the baby to be too active in the day. If you have a child who does not want to be left alone, it will help them sleep better if they are in their baby swing or rocking horse all day instead of letting their parents leave them at home alone in a crib all day. The same is true if you do not have the time to stay home with your baby while your baby is asleep. Be sure to keep the baby in his or her crib for a period of time before you go to work so that they can settle down for the day.

The seventh mistake that most parents mistake as their baby having sleep deprivation is not spending enough quality time with their baby and spending too much time with them in the day. Baby’s need more time playing and being with mommy during the day than mommy and daddy during the day because they are growing. A baby needs to be held and cuddled by mommy and daddy for a couple hours each day so that they will be able to sleep better.


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