Snoring is a common problem that occurs more often to people, but it really occurs more so to those who are obese and people who suffer from an obstructive sleep disorder. Snoring most often gets worse with advancing age. Snoring can itself a symptom of some other health issue such as obstructive sleep apnea, thus it has to be treated as soon as possible. The snoring causes are listed below.


Snoring Causes

  • Nasal problems. Chronic nasal congestion or deviated nasal septum may cause snoring.
  • Sleep position. Sleeping on the back narrows the throat airways which may cause snoring sound.
  • Overweight. Overweight people usually have extra tissues in the back of their throats which narrows the airways.
  • Alcohol consumption. Consuming too much alcohol before bedtime may relaxes the throat muscles which in turn decreases the natural defenses against airway obstruction.
  • Sleep deprivation. Not getting enough sleep can lead to further throat relaxation.

Lifestyle changes to treat snoring:

  • Losing weight
  • Avoiding alcohol close to bedtime
  • Treating nasal congestion
  • Avoiding sleep deprivation
  • Avoiding sleeping on your back


Some of the main snoring causes are due to genetics, smoking, alcohol intake, being overweight, and having a sleep disorder. Some of these causes will help to cure snoring as well as other health-related problems, while others will just lead to the condition becoming more severe and annoying.

One of the major snoring causes is due to genetics – we all know how difficult it is to stop smoking, yet many people snore at some point in their life. This is because genetics determine how strong the lungs are and which ones produce more mucus at night. These lungs are then most likely to produce snoring as they go through sleep. If the snoring condition is not treated in time, this might only get worse, affecting both the lungs and the throat.

Another cause of snoring is being overweight – if the person’s sleep patterns are disturbed by being overweight, this can cause snoring. As a result, many overweight people find it necessary to lose weight in order to stop snoring. However, in some cases, weight loss can also cause the person to snore due to the increased pressure on the breathing passages. Therefore, while losing weight can help to solve one snoring problem, it can also lead to another health issue. People who experience the above conditions should try to avoid obesity altogether, in order to avoid further complications.

Some other factors that lead people to snore include excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol causes the brain to relax and this in turn allows it to produce less oxygen during sleep. When this happens, the brain is no longer able to filter out the air that the body needs. It is at this point that the person will start to snore. People who drink more than three drinks per day are more likely to snore than those who drink less.

Some overweight people are also at risk of snoring since they are more likely to snore than thinner people. When the airway is being blocked, it makes it harder for the throat and the soft tissues in the mouth and tongue to open and clear. When the throat is relaxed, the airway will not be able to open and allow the air to escape completely and the person is more likely to snore. The snoring becomes louder because the muscles in the neck and throat relax even though there is little or no sound produced. When the muscles relax, there is also less airflow to the lungs which results in the snoring sound.

People who suffer from sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep disorder also have more chances of snoring. This is because obstructive sleep disorder often results in the throat muscles not being able to relax properly. A person can snore when there is too much saliva in the airway, or in the throat. This causes a person to breathe slower and more heavily during sleep and when these muscles relax.

To get rid of snoring, a person should try to do some simple exercises such as getting up from the bed and moving around in the bed as soon as he or she wakes up each morning. This will help them have a good night’s sleep and also make sure that their body has enough air circulation during the night. It is also important to keep sleeping pillows away from the person’s mouth during sleep because some pills may contribute to snoring.



Snoring is not something that you can just ignore or wish away. If you snore you will have an annoying sound while you are sleeping and it can cause all sorts of problems for the other people around you and yourself. It can make a bed partner uncomfortable and irritate them. It can interrupt the flow of conversation and cause arguments to break out in the middle of the night. It can lead to a relationship ending because the partner can no longer concentrate on their partner due to the sound they are making. If your partner is one who likes to snore, there is a solution for them too, and it’s a simple one: get a snoring treatment.

Sleep studies can be conducted at home as well. But, depending on your sleep apnea and other sleep-related symptoms, you might want to stay up overnight in a sleep clinic to undergo a thorough in-depth examination of your sleeping habits through a non-invasive test, such as a sleep study. During a sleep study, you’ll have electrodes attached to your head and neck and you’ll be placed into a specially designed lab room where a professional will do a variety of tests to help determine why you snore so much. He or she may measure the airway pressure in your throat and the amount of pressure that you breathe during each sleep cycle. All of this information will allow the doctor to come up with an effective snoring treatment.

Some people find that sleep studies aren’t right for them. If you do decide to get this type of snoring treatment, it’s always a good idea to visit your doctor to find out if they might be able to help with your sleep apnea and sleep-related problems as well. It’s important to keep a close watch on your health so that you are never caught off guard if you start experiencing a problem later on in life. Getting a snoring treatment is a simple, affordable way to do just that.



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